Custom made clothing for our society



We're all about being happy, healthy, self loving - stylish and fashionable of cause! #customiety is a way of being in this world more than anything... It's an inner and outer expression. We hope you feel like joining!



We Are Forever Inspired By Our Society! 

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Our Clothing Collection is simply based on these three values: 'Something soft, something basic and something shiny.' That's how the whole design process started, actually. 

We have also chosen to make our Clothing Collection both fashionable and functional - and we're so so excited that it's finally here! 



So, if you're curious on going just one more layer deeper, then I would love to share with you - our thoughts behind the CUSTOMIETY Clothing Collection. 

Well! It's designed fashionable (because who doesn't want to stay on the beat??) and functional (because who doesn't love our clothing to fit different occasions - and bodytypes.) 

Every clothing item in our collection, is designed with cords. In that way, you can make your clothing shorter or longer (depends on your mood or on how you find it'll fit you the best!) and you can adjust the cords into the perfect fit on YOU.

The whole 'Soft, basic and shiny' idea came to us, because we love to wear clothing ourselves which you can dress up and down. All of our items can be used for everyday use - but also worn with a cute (or sexy...) cocktail in your hand out on a weekend eve.



We're not a sustainable brand, but when that is said; then we're definitely striving to become one in the future. You'll see, that some of our fabrics in our Clothing Collection is organic and that both of our CUSTOMIETY Caps are organic as well. They're actually made out of this lit fabric named 'hemp', which is a great substitute to water intensive cotton. 

Some of our packaging is sustainable as well, but not all of it. This is a journey for us, and we're striving to do- and be better, every single day, in this area. Let's level up!



Our Clothing Collection is being produced on a manufacturer in Turkey. After many nights with no sleep, we finally managed to find the perfect manufactorer for our brand. We have a super close communication with them - and we're forever grateful, that they're helping us to bring our CUSTOMIETY Clothing Collection into life.