Empowerment Through Practice in Fashion

Sinéad Burke, CEO and Founder, Tilting the Lens

Grace Jun, CEO and Board Member, Open Style Lab

Amanda Lee, Senior Director of Market Access and Sourcing, Nest

Mellissa Huber, Associate Curator, The Costume Institute, The Met

Join a panel of experts and advocates working in the fashion industry as they discuss concerns related to accessibility, sustainability, and the collective nature of design. Mellissa Huber, co-curator of the exhibition Women Dressing Women, moderates a conversation with the panel after a series of short presentations.

Presented in celebration of Women’s History Month and in conjunction with the exhibition Women Dressing Women.

Watch full Met Speak here: https://www.youtube.com/live/Y4X0tytI_c0?si=5siP9VjXAjXUO-bx


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